We don't play the game.We change the game.
Using disruptive technology such as blockchain, NFT's, VR/AR, AI/ML etc. to develop projects for our clients.
Work With Us
Tech Lab
real-world project development
Apply strong technology skills in a collaborative environment to solve problems for clients using AI, blockchain, virtual reality, and more.
Roles: Software Engineers, Content Creators
What Our Members Say
“Disruption Lab has been the single most impactful college extracurricular I have joined. Because of the technologies, leadership skills, and trainings that Disruption Lab taught me, I was able to secure a dream AI/ML internship at Microsoft. At Disruption Lab, this career trajectory (from nothing to top tech) is so common, it's almost cliché. Joining Disruption Lab has propelled my career light years ahead and provided me with a community of intelligent, caring people who can work hard AND play hard.”
— Faraz Siddiqi, Ex-Internal Director
“I joined Disruption Lab back in spring 2021 when it was still in the early stages. I have always been on the lookout for management/leadership opportunities and Disruption Lab couldn't have come at a better time. So much learning, so much evolving my past 2 semesters as a PM. I've learned how to interface with clients, how to really be on top of things, how to effectively scope out a project, and most importantly how to connect with my engineers and help them grow as well. Im moving from Tech Lab to Incubator this semester as the Incubator Director! We have two exciting tracks planned for this Fall: Product Management and Technical Interview Prep!”
— Helena Gao, Ex-Incubator Director
“During Fall 2021, I decided that I wanted to seriously pursue UX Design as a career path. It's a relatively new field and my major seemingly had no correlation to it so I knew it would be difficult for me to gain experience and break the barrier into the field. After joining the incubator track of Disruption Lab in Spring 2022 I learned so much about product management and design, which led me to pursue more opportunities at Disruption Lab the next summer. The summer of 2022 I worked as a UX Designer for Disruption Lab in rebuilding their website. It gave me invaluable design experience that I can now add to my portfolio but it also gave me a glimpse into what design reviews, collaboration sessions with engineers and managers, and implementation strategies would look like in the corporate world. It truly has been such a rewarding experience to learn and work with Disruption Lab.”
— Ria Dhar
“As a freshman, I knew that I wanted to study CS and have a career in technology. However, I didn't know where to specialize in the field. I wanted to gain specific, hands-on experience, meet new people, and understand what a career in software engineering would look like. Through my friends' recommendations, I found (and joined!) Disruption Lab. It gave me a chance to explore specialized topics in CS for real clients, and build technical skills that I never knew I needed. As I now wrap my first college summer internship, I am so thankful that I joined Disruption Lab. I can wholeheartedly affirm that the skills I have learned mirror the real SWE industry. I've learned how to grow from an Engineer to Project Manager and have gained the necessary skills that will help me as a Software Engineer in the future!”
— Saanji Shah